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  • High-Speed Internet

    Fast, reliable network connections with dedicated per-user bandwidth
  • 24/7/365 Support

    Comprehensive network support by phone, email live chat & text
  • Digital Phone & Video

    Voice IP (VoIP), IP video & custom HD channel lineups
  • Wall-to-Wall Wireless

    Full residential mobility with dense-capacity wireless coverage
  • Mobile Device Support

    Connectivity support for tablets, smartphones, DVRs  and more
  • National Coverage

    Service & support backed by the nations largest student network

Providing the Essentials

Residents are willing to put up with a lot. An AC or hot water issue may cause a brief flare up, but lag time on Xbox Live is a game changer.

Tenants in today’s world won’t just brush off the loss of Internet connectivity, and between the phone calls and irate in-office drop ins, their slow load times are guaranteed to turn into a headache for you very quickly.

That’s where CampusConnect comes in.

Total Range of Motion

WIRELESS: There’s no such thing as one-size wireless. Your property has different needs according to each building’s layout, and we’re equipped to handle every inch of them, no matter how they’re configured. We provide high density WiFi custom fit to every property’s demands, as well as every resident’s.

TAILORED PACKAGES: Our packages are fully customized – so you’ll be getting what your residents need – with no skimping, and no money going to waste on unused bandwidth.

What We Offer

EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS: We know what works, and we’re not afraid to break new ground as technology constantly advances. Your residents’ online activity will be powered by the country’s largest student network provider, and directed by people that know how to route it efficiently, quickly, and consistently.

SUPPORT ANYTIME: We offer real 24/7/365 support, meaning no storming of the management office in the rare case that a wire goes loose on a weekend or a holiday. Residents report their concerns directly to CampusConnect, and we act immediately. Email, chat, call, or text for US based help desks that’ll fix the problem fast. If there is an issue that needs on-site support, we have you covered. Every property we serve has on-site support available and on standby, ready to show up when needed.

COMMON SENSE BUDGETING: With Campus Connect, there’s no such thing as unpleasant surprises. Everything in the contract is laid out directly – no hidden fees, no withholding of services, and no spikes in pricing for the life of term. We lay everything out and guarantee it for the lifetime of the contract.

Maximum Coverage, Minimal Complaints

Keep your tenants at their keyboards and out of your office with high speed custom coverage. Get a quote from us to build or improve your network by calling us at 1-855-813-7030.

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