The Hardin House, located in Austin Texas, is a private women’s dormitory that has served University of Texas students since 1937.  Located just three blocks from The University of Texas at Austin campus, Hardin House is the perfect residence for young ladies wanting the comfort of home at college -complete with housemothers, housekeepers and home-cooked meals. Having a tradition of quality and service for over seventy-seven years, Hardin House strives to provide superior amenities to each of its residents.  While Hardin House already offered services that are not found in many other student housing facilities nearby, requests for wireless access in each bedroom were increasing with each year.  In order to keep up with student demand and maintain their standard of service, Hardin House approached CampusConnect to install a wall-to-wall wireless network on which students could rely on.

Growing Demand For Wireless Access

Similar to Hardin House’s findings, CampusConnect also has seen a growing increase for wireless services amongst students.  Recent reports from CampusConnect’s parent company, Apogee, have found that the population of wireless devices on university campuses across the country triple after each consecutive year, as more universities expand their wireless networks across all campus classrooms and buildings.  As schools benefit from the increasing value of wireless networks on-campus, student expectations for fast, reliable wireless access back in their respective residences will continue to grow.

A Wireless Solution To Meet Student Expectations

CampusConnect, the leading student housing internet network provider, was already the provider of Hardin House’s high-speed internet network with wireless in the common areas. At the property’s request, the company was able to add-on a cost-effective wireless network in a fraction of the time that traditional deployments normally would take. Several months after the installation was complete, CampusConnect distributed a survey to all users on Hardin House’s CampusConnect network. The results were overwhelmingly positive and revealed insightful information about the perceived importance of Internet, and more specifically, wireless access to students today. To start, the majority of Hardin residents surveyed (99%) used laptop computers. Consequently, it was not surprising to find that most of these users used wireless access; of these 97% used the wireless connection in their rooms. Residents utilized the wireless access in other locations at Hardin House as well, including Hardin’s computer lab, pool, and lounge.  Of the students who connected using the wireless service, 95% reported that having wireless access in their rooms was important to them. Further, a large percentage (73%) indicated that wireless access was a key factor in selecting housing arrangement while in school. “Such data is further confirmation that we are moving in the right direction.” Stated Kathryn Parke, Hardin’s Administrative Director, about their wireless deployment.

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“Today’s students expect reliable, high-speed wireless access across multiple devices at their university residences.”

Rob Paver, President