Gigabit internet is taking the U.S. by storm as more communities are racing to increase their internet connection to 1000 mbps (1 gigabit).   However, when it comes to finding a gigabit provider for your student housing property, connectivity and software are critical!  At CampusConnect, we recommend prepping your community with the latest in wireless technology, specifically designed to handle the speed and data usage a functional gigabit entails.  Get ready to upgrade to 802.11ac in 2015!

New features from 802.11ac:

  • 1.3 gigabits per second speed for multiple devices (Multi-User MIMO)
  • 80 megahertz, with an ­option for 160MHz (wider channels)
  • compatibility with the latest smartphone and wifi-enabled devices, such as smart TVs, routers, gaming systems and more!

Check out our infographic on our TOP 3 REASONS you should upgrade your property’s wireless to the new 802.11ac!

802.11ac infograph (1)